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Da anni mi occupo di CyberSecurity e Digital Innovation. Ho fondato e seguo diverse start-up. La mia passione per la Sicurezza Informatica mi ha portato a lanciare Swascan di cui sono il Co-Fondatore insieme a Raoul Chiesa. Swascan è la prima piattaforma di CyberSecurity, in cloud, SaaS e Pay for Use. La mia frase è “Ognuno di noi è le risposte alle domande che si pone”.

CyberSecurity minute: a lot happens in just sixty seconds

CyberSecurity minute It is a matter of fact that we are currently living a difficult period as far as Cyber Attacks are concerned. The number of stolen records is constantly increasing. Nowadays, according to a RiskIQ report, we have a very busy CyberSecurity minute: 5.518 records leaked (as far as well-known and disclosed data breaches Read more »

Sprint Vulnerability: the flaw in the Online Portal

A researcher discovered a security flaw (the Sprint vulnerability) in the online system of Sprint that allowed anyone to access the internal staff portal. Sprint is the fourth largest form in the USA that provides wireless and internet services. As of October 2017, the company has around 54 million active users of its services offered Read more »

EE Security Vulnerabilities In Their Online Portals

For the past few days, the telecom sector seems to combat CyberSecurity issues. Reportedly, EE, a UK-based cellular firm, patched two different flaws in its system within one week. Fortunately, the vulnerabilities were discovered by some white-hat hacker before anyone could exploit them. Yet, the bugs were not trivial to be ignored. EE Patched The Read more »

Foreshadow – Intel CPUs Affected By L1TF Vulnerabilities

Foreshadow: While the chaos for the horrifying Spectre and Meltdown is still going, researchers discover another vulnerability in Intel CPUs that is even more robust. Two different groups of researchers discovered the vulnerability named “Foreshadow” and reported it to Intel. Upon further investigations, Intel found two more related flaws, which the researchers termed as “Foreshadow-NG”. Read more »

SegmentSmack – A TCP Vulnerability Targeting Linux 4.9

SegmentSmack – A TCP Vulnerability Targeting Linux 4.9 Induced DoS Attacks. Recently, a critical TCP vulnerability was found in the Linux Kernel. A detailed vulnerability assessment revealed that the flaw could induce denial-of-service (DoS) attacks in Linux 4.9 and above. Gladly, Linux has already released patches for the vulnerability in the 4.9.116 and 4.17.11. SegmentSmack – Read more »

The ‘Unhackable’ BitFi Cryptocurrency Wallet

The ‘Unhackable’ BitFi Cryptocurrency Wallet: Recently, there has been a lot of hype about the John McAfee’s claim for his ‘unhackable’ BitFi cryptocurrency wallet. Amidst so many incidents of crypto hacking, making such a claim is indeed a bold step.   The ‘Unhackable’ BitFi Cryptocurrency Wallet – Is It Truly Unhackable?   He has clearly Read more »

SamSam Ransomware Has Raised $6 Million

samsam ransomware: Criminal Hackers exploit ransomware attacks as a robust money making strategy as they easily coerce the victims to pay money. Continuing with this strategy, they are now making money with the notorious SamSam malware. A latest study reveals that SamSam ransomware has raised around $6 million for Criminal hackers in ransom demands. SamSam Read more »

Web Security: top 5 attacks targeting web applications

Web Security is a hot topic for everyone in these days. A Positive Technologies report of 2017 showed how all of the websites and web applications have at least one well-known vulnerability. The same report shows how the 70% of websites and web applications have at least one high severity vulnerability as well.   As a matter of Read more »