Scraped data of 70 Million Twitter users

Scraped data of 70 Million Twitter users?

On April 5th Swascan’s SOCaaS and Cyber Threat Intelligence Teams first identified and reported the presence of a huge Linkedin database for sale on the web and dark web. The Linkedin news was preceded by the discovery of the most recent Facebook data leak which involved 553 million users. Traslated: “Over 1Billion recds of

SOC as a Service Monitoring & Early warning

SOC as a Service: Monitoring & Early Warning

SOC as a Service and Soc?: The Security Operation Center Soc as a service and SOC the differences: A Security Operations Center is a Cyber competence centre that provides services aimed at governance, monitoring and security management of corporate information systems. A Security Operation Center ( SOC ) provides the following managed services: Governance: guarantees