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GDPR Plugin: Swascan offers a free tool for Compliance

GDPR Plugin: Swascan for Compliance Swascan provides to their partners an innovative plugin. It is focused on the GDPR Compliance of WordPress and Woocommerce websites, you can download it at the following link: Swascan GDPR Plugin. Swascan GDPR plugin allows whoever installs it to face GDPR-related issues in terms of websites. Download Swascan GDPR Plugin Swascan GDPR plugin is now Read more »

SQL Injection: what do you need to know about it?

SQL injection SQL injection (commonly known as SQLi) is one of the most common web hacking techniques. Basically, hackers place malicious code in SQL statement with the help of webpage input. SQLi has become one of the most recurrent methods to attack any system with the intent of stealing information. Since it helps hackers to Read more »

Brochure Swascan

Here you can find the flyer with all of our services and features: Cybersercurity Platform Brochure. Vulnerability assessment, Network Scan, Code Review, GDPR Compliance and much more… Swascan is the perfect tool for any corporate need.

CyberSecurity Services: Swascan supports companies

Cybersecurity service: Swascan proposition Security Management has become, over the past few years, an essential aspect to consider for companies. Organizations can not afford to underestimate the impacts of a bad Security Management: loss of reputation, stop of the normal activities of the company, fines,… In this regard, Swascan offers a various range of solutions useful to Read more »

GDPR Compliance: Swascan risk analysis

GDPR Compliance The introduction of the Data Protection regulation caused several changes for companies. These changes are measurable in terms of Technology, Organization, Policy, Staff and Control Systems. Which steps do companies need to follow, which activities do company need to carry out in order to be compliant? It is now available Swascan GDPR Compliance Read more »

DPIA or Data Protection Impact Analysis: what is it?

DPIA First thing first, what does the acronym DPIA stand for? DPIA indicates Data Protection Impact Analysis. What is it concretely? It is a procedure that describes a data processing and identifies its needs, its adequacy and its risks. All of this has a specific purpose: face these risks in a correct way. The DPIA concerns all Read more »

Open port checker: the importance of scanning vulnerabilities

Open port checker and port scanner The open port checker allows the user to obtain different pieces of information: the status of a port of an IP address; the status of a port on his own connection (verify is the port is open or not); if the user’s server applications are blocked by a firewall; Read more »

Penetration testing: what is it and what is its purpose?

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment Often the term vulnerability scanning or assessment and penetration testing are two phrases used in interchangeable ways. However, there are certain differences in their meaning as well as implications. When we talk about vulnerability assessment, we mean spotting certain vulnerabilities that remain in a system, Swascan offers an advanced Vulnerability Assessment Read more »

IP tracker: what is it and how can it help you?

What is an IP tracker? Whenever you visit any website, you leave a trace. How? In the form of unique IP address that helps in identifying your system, its location and many other important parameters attached to it. Businesses everywhere is using professional IP tracking tools ( IP tracker ) in order to know their visitors Read more »

Data processing: risk for rights and freedoms

Risk for rights and freedoms What does the EU GDPR mean with risk for rights and freedoms? Recital 75 of the Regulation explains it: The risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, of varying likelihood and severity, may result from personal data processing which could lead to physical, material or non-material damage, in particular: Read more »