Cyber Academy

Awareness and professional training are required to counter new cyber attacks.

Cyber Security Awareness

Human behaviour definitely has a greater impact on cyber security than technology. The Swascan Academy plays an important role in the Italian business panorama through stimulating educational courses for all levels of company personnel. Our aim is to increase the general level of awareness of the risks associated with the use of information technologies.









Choose the right Cyber Course for you!

A wide range of training courses structured for people with different levels of experience and technical specialisation.

Ethical Hacking Course

The course includes a highly interactive training course in which you will be shown how to scan, test and hack your systems in order to make them safer.

Vedi Corso

Cyber Defense

Security and Data Protection in our company

An academic course entrusted to the best Italian cyber experts that combines real cases and technical LAB of excellence, structured with the aim of supporting the students in the management of Information Security.

Vedi Corso


Certified Information Systems Security Professional

The CISSP Certification is not only an objective recognition of excellence, but a worldwide recognized standard for professionals and managers called to manage the issues of Cyber Security and Information Security within their company.

Vedi Corso

OT Security

Challenges for companies and technical and organisational responses

We are all increasingly interconnected, and the risk of leaving a virtual "door open" means letting "unwanted guests" into the company.

Vedi Corso

Our strengths

What are the benefits of taking Swascan Academy courses?


A pool of highly qualified professionals specialised in the reference sectors.


Courses developed in small steps to ensure gradual, comprehensive learning.


The course can be attended online with active interaction between teachers and students.


A Certificate of Attendance will be issued at the end of the course.


Practical, stimulating courses thanks to the creation of tailor-made workshops and real-life activities.


Tailor-made training projects and customised solutions to meet all needs.


What our students say about us.

Really well-thought-out course, my compliments go to the teacher especially because, in addition to being very knowledgeable, she can explain non-trivial topics in a simple way.

Marco D. G.

Cyber Security Specialist

I found the description of the contexts in which cyber crime moves and develops very interesting. These elements are often underestimated when it comes to fully understanding certain actions.

Stefano M.

Team Legal & Compliance

Well-structured first day: in the morning the explanation relating to hacker profiling, the evolution over the years and the modus operandi was particularly interesting. In the afternoon, I confirm the excellent choice of approach with some practical exercises and presentation of tools for analysing files and forensic encryption.

Alfredo P.

Cyber Security Specialist

You get the feeling that the Swascan Team has an excellent skill set and extensive experience.

Diego P.

Sales Specialist

The level of competence and professionalism of the teachers on the Mini Master is very high.

Riccardo S.

IT Manager

Congratulations on delivering an interesting and well-structured course. It’s also useful for daily web access, not just for work. A professional, engaging teacher who kept interest levels high.

Rossella C.


Congratulations on the course; these are hot topics, but we are often in such a hurry that we don’t treat them with the necessary care; a course like yours helps us approach the web in a safer way and pay the right amount of attention, in particular to corporate cyber resources!

Alberto O.


Very useful, not only for work but also in my personal life - it dealt with topics that I thought I knew about, focusing on elements that we take for granted, but which we absolutely shouldn’t.

Nives P.

Customer Care