Ethical Hacking Course

  • Start date of the course 23.01.2024
  • Duration of the course 40 hours
  • Difficulty level Specialist
  • Delivery method Virtual Classroom
  • Access requirements None
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Ethical Hacking is an authorised, legal practice that enables you to enter the company system and identify potential data breaches and threats. The aim is to identify weaknesses in systems, networks and programs that malicious hackers can exploit or destroy.

Hackers themselves are people with the skills to break into an IT system without authorisation. It comes down to the hacker’s ethics whether they use this skill for a good purpose, and this aspect is part of the course.


The course includes a highly interactive training course in which you will be shown how to scan, test and hack your systems in order to make them safer.


– Knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol;

– Basic knowledge of operating systems (Windows, Linux);

– Programming concepts;

– Basics of cyber security.

Training Program

– Introduction to Ethical Hacking
– Footprinting and Reconnaissance
– Scanning Networks
– Enumeration
– Vulnerability Analysis
– System Hacking
– Malware Threats
– Sniffing
– Social Engineering
– Denial-of-Service
– Session Hijacking
– Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
– Hacking Web Servers
– Hacking Web Applications
– SQL Injection
– Hacking Wireless Networks
– Hacking Mobile Platforms
– IoT Hacking
– Cloud Computing
– Cryptography

Teacher and teaching materials


Highly qualified teacher specialised in the subject and working in the field of application on a daily basis.


Handouts prepared directly by the teachers for the course

Exam and Certification

The cost of the course does NOT include the exam voucher.

Participation fee

Upon reaching 20 participants, registrations will be closed.

Prices shown do not include VAT.


2000,00 €

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