Discovering the invisible: techniques of Threat Hunting

  • Start date of the course 25/09/2024
  • Duration of the course 24 hours
  • Difficulty level Core
  • Delivery method Virtual Classroom
  • Access requirements None
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Threat hunting is a proactive cybersecurity technique that aims to identify attacks or elusive threats that may be present within a system or enterprise network. This technique is based on the use of methodologies, tools and data analysis to detect anomalies and warning signs in order to prevent future attacks. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive, real-time view of corporate security threats, thus enabling proactive measures to be taken to prevent future attacks.

Proactive security is the key to ensuring data protection and business continuity!


Threat Hunting course is a training program designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to identify and address hidden attacks and threats within a corporate system or network. Through theoretical lectures and practical sessions, participants will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of Threat Hunting and develop practical skills to apply them effectively in the work environment.


No mandated prerequisites are required, but knowledge of TCP/IP networking fundamentals, knowledge of the Cyber Kill Chain, and cyber threat concepts are recommended.

Training Program

The following topics will be covered:

Introduction to Threat Hunting

The Security Operations Center (SOC)

Processes and Methodologies

Analysis of network traffic with Wireshark

IoC (Indicator of Compromise) and Yara Rules

Beginning Threat Hunting

Detection of threats at different network layers

Connection-level threat exploration

Identifying threats at the IP layer

Threat analysis at the transport level

Application-level threat hunting

Introduction to SandBoxes

Laboratory and Capture the Flag (CTF)

Teacher and teaching materials


Highly qualified teacher specialised in the subject and working in the field of application on a daily basis.


Handouts prepared directly by the teachers for the course

Participation fee

Upon reaching 20 participants, registrations will be closed.

Prices shown do not include VAT.


1.200,00 €

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