OT and IT: industrial security guide

  • Start date of the course 15/04/2024
  • Duration of the course 16 hours
  • Difficulty level Fundamentals
  • Delivery method Virtual Classroom
  • Access requirements None
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The training course offers a comprehensive and detailed overview of Operational Technology (OT) and its interaction with Information Technology (IT) in the industrial environment.

Through structured teaching modules, the course will guide participants through the fundamentals of OT, the synergies between OT and IT, Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS), and the communication standards and protocols used in these systems. An extensive focus will be devoted to the security of OT systems, examining the best practices, tools and strategies needed to protect physical and digital infrastructures from cyber threats.


Provide an in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts of Operational Technology (OT) and its interactions with Information Technology (IT).

Delve into Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) and their applications in optimising industrial operations.

Examine the communication standards and protocols used in OT systems, focusing on interoperability and safety.

Delve into the security of OT systems, including fundamentals, standards, physical and cyber protection techniques, and best practices for risk management.

Explore future trends and innovations in OT, including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and advanced automation, and understand their impact on OT systems.


No mandatory prerequisites are required.

Experience or familiarity with the industrial environment and its operational processes is an advantage, but not strictly necessary.

Training Program

The following topics will be covered:

  • Fundamentals of Operational Technology (OT): This section introduces the basic concepts of OT, explaining its main components and how they support industrial and manufacturing operations. Emphasis is placed on the differences and interactions with information technology (IT).
  • Interaction between OT, IT: Insight into the interactions and synergies between OT, IT. It discusses how the convergence of these technologies is leading to innovations and improvements in industry.
  • Overview of IACS (Industrial Automation and Control Systems): This part of the course covers the general aspects of IACS, examining how these systems integrate various automation and control technologies to optimise industrial operations. Insights into Open PLC
  • IACS Communication Standards and Protocols: A study of the common communication standards and protocols used in these systems, with a focus on how they facilitate interoperability and safety. Insights into OPC (OLE for Process Control), Modbus and PROFIBUS protocols.
  • Security of OT Systems: A crucial aspect of the course, this section focuses on security in OT systems.

Security fundamentals:
Confidentiality, integrity, availability
Access control and identity management
Network segmentation and system isolation

Standards and Security Frameworks for OT
Overview of international standards
OT-specific security frameworks (NIST, IEC 62443)
Compliance and relevant legal regulations

Physical Security and Cybersecurity in OT:
Protection of physical infrastructure
OT network security and secure communications
Prevention of cyber attacks and incident response

Technologies and Tools for OT Security
OT-specific security solutions (firewalls, IDS/IPS, SIEM)
Security monitoring and event management
Encryption and data protection in OT

Best Practices and OT Security Strategies:
Implementation of effective security policies
Operator training and awareness
Risk management and business continuity planning

Future Trends and Innovations: the final section explores emerging trends, such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), advanced automation and cybersecurity, and their impact on OT systems.

Teacher and teaching materials

Highly qualified lecturer specialised in the subject and daily in the field.

Handouts prepared directly by the lecturers for the course.

Participation fee

Upon reaching 20 participants, registrations will be closed.

Prices shown do not include VAT.


1200,00 €

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