Cyberlaundering: how to defend against digital recycling?

  • Start date of the course 01/12/2023
  • Duration of the course 4 hours
  • Difficulty level Fundamentals
  • Delivery method Virtual Classroom
  • Access requirements None
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The Information Security Course on Cyberlaundering and Money Laundering provides advanced training in understanding and countering the phenomenon of money laundering through digital means.

The term “cyberlaundering” refers to the sophisticated process by which digital criminals attempt to conceal the illicit origin of funds through the use of IT tools and techniques. We will also delve into the relevant Italian regulations, the most common techniques used by cyber criminals, money laundering on the web, and prevention strategies to ensure the security of your digital assets.


The primary objective of this course is to provide cybersecurity professionals with the skills necessary to identify, prevent, and actively counter cyberlaundering and money laundering online.

Through the acquisition of advanced knowledge and the application of specific methodologies, participants will be able to ensure a safe and secure digital environment.


No previous technical knowledge is required.

Training Program

The “money laundering phenomenon”
– Money laundering analysis: key concepts and methodologies.
– Economic and social impacts of money laundering.

Italian regulations
– Current regulations in Italy on cyberlaundering and money laundering.
– Role of the competent authorities in the fight against money laundering.

Popular techniques
– Study of techniques used by cybercriminals for money laundering.
– Analysis of common vulnerabilities and exploits.

Money laundering on the Web
– Identification of preferred digital channels for money laundering.
– Analysis of cryptocurrencies and their implications in money laundering.

Ways of Prevention
– Advanced cyberlaundering detection and prevention strategies.
– Implementation of security measures to protect financial data.

Teacher and teaching materials


Highly qualified teacher specialised in the subject and working in the field of application on a daily basis.


Handouts prepared directly by the teachers for the course

Participation fee

Upon reaching 30 participants, registrations will be closed.

Prices shown do not include VAT.


200,00 €

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