CyberSecurity minute: a lot happens in just sixty seconds

CyberSecurity minute

It is a matter of fact that we are currently living a difficult period as far as Cyber Attacks are concerned. The number of stolen records is constantly increasing. Nowadays, according to a RiskIQ report, we have a very busy CyberSecurity minute:

  • 5.518 records leaked (as far as well-known and disclosed data breaches are concerned);
  • $1.1 million lost due to data breaches.

These numbers are impressive because we need to consider that are related to just one minute. What does emerge from these numbers?

  • The cost of CyberSecurity is way higher than before and it’s still on the rise;
  • Companies to consider Preventive Security as an absolute priority.

Moreover, we need to consider that – according to the IBM report regarding the cost of a data breach – the medium cost of a data breach is $3.62 million and the medium cost for each record stolen is $141. What does this mean? We have 5.518 records leaked each minute with an average cost per record of $141: $778.038 is the total value of the records leaked, every minute.

As we have previously seen, a lot happens in just one minute, for istance:

  • Scam victims: more than 1.800 people;
  • CyberCrime victims: 2.7 million people.

One of the most alarming element is: every minute four vulnerable web components are discovered. To this end, it’s even clearer how companies need to address Preventive Security as seriously as possible. There is a urgent need: one single tool to face Security Management and Legislative Compliance.

These vulnerabilities  can cause some serious damage to companies, Ticketmaster is the perfect example. Exploiting one of these vulnerabilities, Magecart hacked third-party Javascript and gained access to an extremely high number of ecommerce websites: e-commerce and web security are crucial elements to consider.

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Cyber Criminals: a one-minute hacker can cause serious damage

In such a fast changing environment, despite the technologic evolution, the digital innovation and the technical improvements, Criminal hackers and Cyber attackers operate as they always did. How much damage can a hacker cause in just one minute? The answer is: a lot.

To this end, how do these cyber criminals operate? To them, it is always a matter of convenience. They answer a simple question: is it convenient for me to hack this website? If the answer is “Yes”, the decision is pretty easy.

To think the same way they do is something that could help us in preventing attacks. This cost/benefit analysis is what drives a criminal hacker. Through a simple risk analysis they spot the weak link of the chain and exploit this vulnerability to achieve their goal.

The importance of Preventive Security

We have just seen how a lot of things can change in just one minute: companies spend approximately $170.000 every minute on security. But it is necessary to know how to spend this money. Companies need a trustworthy tool that allows to manage security and legislative compliance.

To this end, clicking on the button below, you have a Free Trial of Swascan: the All-in-One tool that allows companies to:

  • Scan for vulnerabilities in terms of Websites and Web Applications;
  • Test the status of your network and your IT infrastructure.
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Both Vulnerability Assessment and Network Scan provide full and detailed information regarding the actions to implement in order to fix the vulnerabilities.

In addition, Swascan services ensure GDPR and Legislative Compliance.


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