Cyber Risk and Insurance


Web Application Scan, Swascan’s app to protect yourself from Cyberrisk
The frequency of cyberattacks is increasing worldwide exponentially, with serious repercussions on business. The number of attacks from 2013 to 2016, a time quite short, rose by 58%, involving in it every kind of sector.
Insurance, industry focused on companies’ risks, took note of this trend too, wheter biggest or SME’s.
Especially today cyberattacks rules insurer’s list, after conventional list draft by Insurance Companies.

This emerges also from Risk Mind Ensurance 2017, conference took place in Amsterdam last march, where expert discussed a long about importance to manage cyberrisk and loss caused by cybercrime.
It doesn’t amaze if today risk valutation and risk management became the Management’s priority to promote and to develop security procedures. ROSI(Return on Security Investment) is an important discriminating factor, the index values which investments company needs to promote to reduce risks from cyberattacks.
However remains the primary and strategic role of Information Security and of Prevention, indispensable is the adoption of right tools.
Swascan, to get Security stronger, developed Web Application . This app can identify more than 200 types of vulnerabilities related to others web apps, who could couse data loss or violation of accounts’ privacy.

Cyber Risk e Insurance
Cybersecurity e Supply Chain: Cyber Risk evolution

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