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Cybersecurity, in Italia per la prima volta i rischi informatici dettano l agenda del business - CorComIL REPORTAllianz Risk Barometer 2021: i timori legati al Covid-19 cambiano gli scenari per le aziende. Blocco del cloud su scala globale, cyberattacchi e altre epidemie le incognite maggiori20 Gen 2021La pandemia rompe gli schemi. E fa schizzare al p
Medical DialoguesPublished On 2021-01-20T12:49:40+05:30  |  Updated On 20 Jan 2021 7:19 AM GMTThe leaked Covid-19 data includes internal/confidential email correspondence dating from November, relating to evaluation processes for the vaccines.London: In a startling r
Ciberseguridad en América Latina para 2021: Entrevista con SophosSegún Varonis, el 95 por ciento de los incidentes y brechas de ciberseguridad son causadas por un error humano Casi siete de cada 10 empresas creen que los peligros en el entorno cibernéticos están aumentando El 86 por ciento de los incidentes de est
How Utilities Can Mitigate Cyberthreats - Security BoulevardDigitalization is propelling utilities into a new world of technology adoption – and opening them up to new threats. Huge growth in the electrification of industry, green energy goals and evolving customer demands are pushing utilities to build a new
Cybercrime, EMA anti Covid-19 vaccines data manipulated before leaking it20 January 2021 Cyber, Defence and Security Cybercrime actors, who stole medicines and vaccines data in a cyber attack against the EMA, manipulated them prior to leak them on internetCybercrime actors who stole medicines and vaccines data in a cyber
La multiplication des failles oblige les équipes sécurité à être plus réactivesD’après l’analyse des violations de données effectuée par la Security Response Team (SRT) de Tenable, entre janvier et octobre 2020, 730 incidents de divulgation publique ont été recensés, entraînant l’exposition de plus de 22 milliards de dossiers d
Report: The 2020 Ransomware Resiliency ReportHardly a week passes without news of a household name brand having its business brought to a standstill by a ransomware attack. Malicious individuals are developing more sophisticated attack methods to encrypt an enterprise’s data – or even whole sys
Nokia teams with Google Cloud on 5G core and edge - EU ReporterThe election of Joe Biden as the next US president will trigger significant changes across a whole range of foreign policy issues. Russia, decried as the US enemy, could bear the biggest brunt of the White House’s foreign policy agenda.  Troubled by
Hacktivism in 2021: Cyber threats that may weaken Nigerian economy - Vanguard NewsBy Prince Osuagwu A critical look at the trend in Information Technology in Nigeria, particularly on the cybersecurity ecosystem, showed a nation that had to contend with various malicious activities of cybercriminals. This was also traced to a conti
Trump Issues Executive Order to Further Combat Malicious Foreign Cyber ActivitiesPresident Donald Trump on his last full day in office issued an executive order aimed at the use of cloud computing products for malicious cyber operations against the United States. The order addresses the use of United States Infrastructure as a Se
Trump Orders US Cloud Services to Require Identification of Foreign Users International
How COVID-Tracking Phone Apps FailedIn this episode, I interview Jane Bambauer on the failure of COVID-tracking phone apps. She and Brian Ray are the authors of \"COVID-19 Apps Are Terrible—They Didn t Have to Be,\" a paper for Lawfare s Digital Social Contract project. It tu
Missouri Republican to delay U.S. Senate confirmation of Biden’s pick for Homeland Security | Florida PhoenixAlejandro Nicholas Mayorkas. Credit: Wikipedia.WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley will object to the rapid confirmation vote planned for President-elect Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security, part of the national security team
Biden s top diplomat Anthony Blinken says he aims to revitalise alliances, US leadershipWASHINGTON (REUTERS) - US President-elect Joe Biden s nominee to be secretary of state, Mr Antony Blinken, said on Tuesday (Jan 19) that he will work to revitalise damaged American diplomacy and build a united front to counter the challenges posed by
Suspected Russian hackers targeted cyber firm MalwarebytesSuspected Russian hackers targeted the cybersecurity company Malwarebytes Inc in the course of a sprawling cyberattack that targeted US government agencies and companies. The attacker abused “applications with privileged access to Microsoft Office 36
Biden transition team denies outgoing acting defense secretary transitional office space(CNN)The Biden transition team has declined to give outgoing acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller office space and resources for his transition out of the role, according to a Biden transition official. In the past it has been a courtesy to pr
A New SolarWinds Malware Strain Is DiscoveredPhoto: Photo credit should read PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP (Getty Images)SolarWinds: it’s the hack that keeps on growing. On Monday, researchers announced the discovery of yet another malware strain used by foreign hackers to infiltrate a wide milieu of Ame
US Defense Chief Nominee Claims Russia Should Be Held Accountable for Recent Cyber AttackWASHINGTON, January 20 (Sputnik) - US Defense Secretary nominee Gen. Lloyd Austin said during a Senate confirmation hearing that Russia should be held responsible if found to be the culprit behind the recent cyber attack against the IT company SolarW
Global cyber security investment to grow in 2021 following record-high breachesCredit: Dreamstime Spending on cyber security around the world is expected to grow as high as 10 per cent this year, to US$60.2 billion, following claims that 2020 saw record high levels of data breaches, compromised records and ransomware attacks. T
Global cyber security investment to grow in 2021 following record-high breachesCredit: Dreamstime Spending on cyber security around the world is expected to grow as high as 10 per cent this year, to US$60.2 billion, following claims that 2020 saw record high levels of data breaches, compromised records and ransomware attacks. T
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