The European Union defines the regulation on Cybersecurity

The “Made in Italy” responds with a strategic partnership between Swascan and Alias

Milan, February 14 th 2017 – The Cyber Security market is destined to increase: by 2021 investments for 202,36 billion dollars are foreseen and 2016 was undoubtedly a decisive year. The European Union has recently examined a” Cyber packet” of rules on data protection and security, which will be in force in May 2018.
Fertile soil for Swascan , the first All-in-one IT Security Platform Made in Italy, born from the project of Raul Chiesa and launched on the market last February, who announces the partnership agreement with Alias , value-distributor of technology solutions specialized in the field of Security, storage and back up, as well as of networking and data security and protection.

Swascan and Alias join their strength taking advantage of their reliability and high performance displayed so far, keeping high the flag of the “Made in Italy” excellency, both showing off a range of high innovation solutions. A share of targets marking this partnership that can be described at least as strategic.
Swascan, IT Suite All-in-One, confirm once more their own target on analysis and monitoring of Cyber Security, thanks to advanced tools, as the Web Vulnerability Assessment, which identifies more than 200 types of web applications vulnerability. Among these SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting and many more.

” We are sure that this partnership will give great satisfactions to each other” says Riccardo Paglia, CEO&Founder of Swascan “The strong competition of ICT market on one hand and the remarkable increase of Cyber Crime on the other, determine the demand of investing more and more in the field of Cyber Security. For distributing our solutions, ideal for an all in one security management, it is crucial to know you can rely on the undiscussed multi-prized professionality and experience internationally recognized of a value-distributor like Alias. Alias means reliability guarantee, competence and pro-activity witnessed and supported by the skill of building in time technology advanced infra-structures”.

“It is fundamental at the moment to adopt solutions that guarantee the utmost adherence to standard protocols, supporting the attention to the client by formulating tailor-made solutions”. This is the comment by Stefano Cucit, Responsible for Alias Business Development “ Swascan is literally an All-in-one suite. In accordance with OWASP model, thanks to tools like Code Review, Web App Scan and Network Scan, it reflects and enriches still more our offer, thanks to the possibility of providing demonstration systems for assessing and testing the services suggested”.

Thus, always in front line, within a scientific research view as well as quality and technology innovation accompanied by a wide solution perimeter in order to spot and preserve at best the companies’ security areas.

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