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ICT Security Assessment: do you really know your Risk level?

ICT Security Assessment  -Today’s Cyber Security landscape requires the utmost attention to a set of internal macro indicators for all organisations. Maybe your organisation has an antivirus software to protect your company’s data? Or maybe you also have firewalls and encryption technology, so you think you can sit back and let the technology protect you

Brochure Cyber Security

Brochure Cyber Security: Swascan – Security Testing & Compliance

Brochure Cyber Security At the following link: Brochure Cyber Security you can download the latest Swascan brochure. In it, you’ll find, in detail, our services: Vulnerability Assessment: The Web App Scan is the automated service that scans for Web Vulnerabilities, this service identifies security vulnerabilities and criticalities of websites and web applications. A Vulnerability analysis is


Swascan in the CERT-EU Hall of Fame

Another success for the Swascan Cyber Research Team, which adds to the long list of Vulnerability Disclosure and collaborations already successfully completed in less than 12 months: Swascan has been officially included in the CERT-EU Hall of Fame. Speaking about the recognition – particularly in such a complex moment -, Pierguido Iezzi, Co-Founder of Swascan


Swascan works with Xfinity to responsibly remediate security vulnerabilities

Recently, the Swascan vulnerability team uncovered potential security vulnerabilities (further details of the vulnerability are provided below) and notified Xfinity’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) through their responsible disclosure program. The Swascan notification included all of the necessary information for Xfinity to remediate the vulnerability in a timely fashion. Thereafter, we collaborated with the


GoToMeeting and Swascan Collaborate to Proactively Address Software Vulnerability

The landscape of Cyber Security is quickly changing. More and more perils spring up everyday, that’s why is more important than ever to cultivate the practice of a Responsible Vulnerability Discosure. Swascan is quickly becoming the European authority in this field, thanks to the recognition obtained with it’s collaborations in the Responsible Vulnerability Discosure field


Swascan discovers vulnerabilities on SAP’s Web Applications

Another success for Swascan’s Cyber Security Resarch Team. After the accomplishments gained with Adobe, Microsoft, Lenovo,Huawei and Nokia it was SAP’s turn, the leading global ERP software provider, to end up under the watchful eye of Swascan’s magnifying glass. The analysis result yielded several vulnerabilities of critical level related to SAP’s IT infrastructure. Swascan, the Italian