Smishing Attack Simulation

Smishing Attack Simulation – The word Smishing comes from the union of Phishing and SMS. This is simply the classic online Cyber Attack vector translated on a mobile platform, as the name suggests.

If in the case of traditional Phishing Criminal Hackers use fraudulent e-mails – relying on a number of tricks of the trade to deceive their victims – to persuade their victims to perform actions such as clicking on malicious links or opening attachments containing malware,  in the case of Smishing this activity is replicated in full, but it is done via SMS..

This medium can be even more dangerous, if possible. As the attention the average user generally pays to what they receive on their device is even less.

Just think about the fact that an average user receives and sends more than 70 messages a day. To this we must add the fact that culturally the Cyber mobile threat is definitely underestimated.

This is very much in the minds of Criminal Hackers, who use Smishing to obtain personal data from victims in order to use it to steal money, but also to obtain the first access point for subsequent attacks on an organization.

Assess the Smishing Risk of your company with the Smishing Simulation Attack service.

Smishing Attack Simulation: how to defend yourself

In order to be protected in case of Smishing it is necessary to carry out awareness activities and targeted training.


Swascan has created the Smishing Attack Simulation service which, as its name suggests, performs simulated attacks that aim to:

  • Identify the level of attention of employees;
  • Measure the level of Smishing Risk;
  • Provide awareness training;
  • Comply with the GDPR in terms of staff training;

Thanks to the service created by Swascan, it’s easy to send simulated Smishing text messages and create learning opportunities, just as your employees clicks.

These SMS help employees understand how to detect a Smishing attack and avoid future violations.

The importance of training & awareness

Thanks to the Smishing Attack Simulation service it will be possible to:

  • Create simulated attacks with integrated links;
  • Send simulated attack campaigns in 5 languages (Italian, Spanish, English, German, French and Spanish);
  • Understand the risks of your organisation and respond accordingly.

Why the Smishing Attack Simulation?

This activity is crucial to work on employee awerness against mobile cyber threats. A field that is still too underestimated, but which is experiencing a real explosion.

The service allows you to:

  • Reduce the risk of suffering a Smishing attack;
  • Allow employees to identify Smishing threats;
  • Reduce security training costs for staff;
  • Ensure compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

Assess the Smishing Risk of your company with the Smishing Simulation Attack service.

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