SOC as a Service: Monitoring & Early Warning

SOC as a Service and Soc?: The Security Operation Center

Soc as a service and SOC the differences: A Security Operations Center is a Cyber competence centre that provides services aimed at governance, monitoring and security management of corporate information systems.

A Security Operation Center ( SOC ) provides the following managed services:

  1. Governance: guarantees the management in terms of patching, configuration,…. of security systems related to systems, devices, applications and networks related to the company’s infrastructure perimeter.
  2. Monitoring: ensures real-time monitoring of corporate IT security, promptly identifying possible computer attacks, improper use of systems and/or anomalous events.
  3. Management: improves corporate security levels through preventive security activities, predictive security through security assessment, vulnerability assessment, network scan, penetration test, early warning, security awareness,….).

An SOC can also provide the IR service (Incident Response), with Computer Security Incident Response functions. For example, in the event of a ransomware attack, the Incident Response Team can support the company up to Data Recovery and system recovery.



The activation of a “traditional” Security Operation Center imposes a design path that has an impact on company processes, including business processes, technology and internal skills. Moreover, the time required to set up a SOC is directly proportional to the complexity of the infrastructure and the number of systems, applications and network design.

Why choose Swascan’s SOC As a Service?

The design, commissioning and maintenance of a Security Operation Center can be costly and complex. SOC as a Service Swascan is the most effective, efficient, consistent and sustainable solution for business environments. SOC as a Service with its Monitoring & Early Warning service allows you to identify, detect, analyse and report cyber cyber attacks before they can become a real threat to your business.

  1. Swascan’s SOC as a service is a subscription service
  2. The SOC as a Service is activated and is operational in less than 48 hours.

SOC As a Service: Monitoring & Early Warning

A dedicated team dedicated to reactive malware Monitoring & Early Warning on local networks, cloud environments, applications and enterprise endpoints. Our Security Analyst team monitors data and resources wherever they reside within the company. Whether resources are stored in the cloud, locally or both. The monitoring and reporting activity allows you to act only when a real threat is identified.

Swascan’s SOC as a Service also allows you to:

Multi-level security monitoring

In a single platform:

  • Threat Detection & Analysis
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment,
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR),
  • Network intrusion detection (NIDS)
  • Log Management
  • Event correlation

Centralized security

The SOC service managed by Swascan provides:

  • Monitoring & Early Warning
  • SLA h24
  • Threat Investigation
  • Remediation Plan
  • A shared cloud Dashboard


The activities of SOC as a Service not only protect the company from cyber threats but also ensure legislative compliance:

ISO 27001

ONLINE e Reporting

The SOC Swascan Security Analyst Team are online 24/7 and available by phone, email and a Ticketing system. Monthly reports are also provided on activities and threats managed.


SOC As a Service: Threat Detection

Thanks to an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning system, threats are immediately identified and reported to the SOC as a Service Swascan team.

The Threat Intelligence engine is updated daily on emerging threats and collects and processes malware samples and threat indicators to ensure effective threat response.

Identified threats are analyzed and validated by the Swascan Incident Response Team security research team at AT&T Alien Labs to identify the latest attack tools, techniques and methods used in nature.



Optional Services

Preventive Security

It includes technological security testing and human risk management activities.

Security Testing : is intended to determine and identify any security problems of the systems at the infrastructure, application, IoT and OT levels. Specifically:

Human Risk:  aims to determine the level of risk exposure of Social Engineering. The services are:

Proactive Security

It provides the services of:

  • Incident Response
  • Data Recovery

Predictive Security

It is related to Threat Intelligence activities that aim to identify information and data that may represent a criticality for the company and/or a possible threat. In fact they identify possible compromised credentials, the presence of botnets connected with the company together with information related to vulnerabilities of company assets.


SOC-as-a-Service Swascan?

  • Detect and PREVENT Data Breach
  • See and STOP Ransomware
  • Control and MANAGE Cyber Security

The benefits?

  • Allows the correct management of company security
  • Reduces the complexity of a traditional SOC project
  • Ensures cost efficiency


Do you want to know more?

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