Press release: Tinexta Cyber makes an exponential leap in cybersecurity with Google Cloud’s Chronicle

Milano, April 13th 2023 – Tinexta Cyber (Tinexta Group’s Cyber Business Unit) announced today a partnership with Google Cloud that will make more effective defense systems available on the market to deal with cyber threats. The agreement will allow the companies belonging to Tinexta Group’s cybersecurity unit, namely Corvallis, Swascan, and Yoroi, to access Google Cloud’s ChronicleSIEM (Security Information and Event Management). Corvallis will play a leading role in the integration and development activities of the offer within the partnership. This partnership will allow Tinexta Cyber to further consolidate its position in the Italian cybersecurity market and bring its solutions to the Google Cloud marketplace. Google Cloud will be able to leverage Tinexta Cyber’s cyber expertise and knowledge of the Italian market.

Chronicle SIEM is a cloud-native solution that delivers modern threat detection and investigation with integrated threat intelligence at unprecedented speed and scale.

Tinexta Cyber’s companies have established themselves in the market thanks to a proprietary and innovative solution offering, as well as advanced Advisory, Implementation Service and Managed Security Services.

This partnership will leverage the Threat Intelligence expertise of Tinexta Cyber’s companies and the power of storage, search, and correlation of the events stored in Chronicle SIEM. The integration allows for the development of new XDR (Extended Detection & Response) services with extremely powerful event analysis capabilities, both in terms of speed and depth. In line with Tinexta Cyber’s philosophy, the goal is to have services that can be easily integrated with customers’ systems to facilitate the adoption of advanced cybersecurity services not only by large organizations but also by smaller ones (SMEs and Local Gov).

“This partnership with Google Cloud perfectly aligns with our company mission, allowing us to add an extremely innovative tool to our offering, ensuring the security of our clients and providing them with the necessary tools to enable a secure digital transformation”, emphasized Marco Comastri, CEO of Tinexta Cyber.

“Partnering with regional companies like Tinexta Cyber enables us to deliver consolidated expertise through the power of our solutions along with in-depth knowledge on local issues”, said Fabio Fregi, Country Manager of Google Cloud Italy.

TinextaCyber SpA

TinextaCyber, a Tinexta Group company, is the leading Italian cybersecurity cluster with strong vertical expertise and proprietary custom solutions for the mitigation and governance of digital security risks. With services based in Italy and in compliance with EU data residency, data protection, and GDPR regulations, the company assists clients with specialized assessment and advisory activities and handles the design, development, and integration of solutions, as well as their monitoring and management.

The company operates through its subsidiaries Corvallis, Swascan, and Yoroi. Corvallis has extensive experience as a provider of high-value and customized solutions for large financial and non-financial projects; Swascan, an Italian cybersecurity company that owns a Cloud Security and Threat Intelligence platform as well as a Cyber Security Experts Center of Excellence, is a landmark for SMEs in cybersecurity and regulatory compliance; Yoroi provides adaptive and dynamic integrated cybersecurity defense systems for those who want to prevent or reduce the damage from possible cyberattacks.

Through its cybersecurity cluster, the three companies guarantee the security of client companies with solutions for the mitigation and governance of risks arising from cyberattacks, making companies more competitive.

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