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Swascan's Security Testing - Threat Intelligence platform & Cyber Competence Center for your Enterprise Cyber Security Framework.
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Webinar "Guerra & Cyber" with Lucio Caracciolo

Through detailed analysis, the webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the complex interactions between geopolitics and technology, offering valuable insights into understanding emerging risks and dynamics in the context of modern warfare.

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OSINT & Social Engineering Course

Through our OSINT course, you will travel the net, through search engines, media files, e-mail, social networks, learning to identify the many places to gather information. Register for the course and attend lessons from September 18, 2024.

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Swascan has created a Cyber Compromission Dashboard to support companies in implementing an emergency plan for the correct management of Cyber risks.

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Cyber Security Framework

The Cyber Security Framework is the foundation of your company’s security posture. A set of processes and technologies that work in unison to minimise exposure to cyber risk. It is built on predictive, preventive and proactive security.

Predictive Security

Predictive Security operates at the Threat Intelligence level. Through the analysis of OSINT and CLOSINT sources, at Web, Dark Web and Deep Web level, it identifies threats, risks and information related to the target company. Predictive Security allows you to anticipate critical issues by correctly setting up preventive and proactive security.

Preventive Security

Preventive Security acts in terms of technological, human and process Risk Analysis. Activities that fall under legislative obligations and in terms of international best practices. The activities refer to penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, ransomware attack simulation, phishing simulation, training, CIS, NIST, ISO27001, GDPR Assessment.

Proactive Security

Proactive Security enables the adoption of approaches related to security by detection and security by reaction. Through the adoption of security operation center (SOC) it allows to monitor, identify, analyze, manage and block possible threats inside the company. The incident response management component guarantees the correct management of company incidents through the use of specialized and competent teams.

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The Swascan Platform

Swascan is the first entirely cloud-based suite with Software as a Service for security testing and threat intelligence: check out all the services available now!

Domain Threat Intelligence
Cyber Threat Intelligence
Early Warning Monitoring
Vulnerability Assessment
Network Scan
Code Review
Phishing Attack Simulation
Smishing Attack Simulation
ICT Security Assessment
GDPR Assessment
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Cyber Security Competence Center

Cyber Incident Response

Swascan’s Cyber Incident Response team dedicated to handling cyber incidents, DDOS attacks, data breaches and ransomware attacks. Swascan’s Cyber team was the first in Europe to have identified, analysed and managed two of the most active ransomware gangs.

Soc as a Service

Swascan’s Security Operations Center service, recognised as a reference point for the Italian market by various international cyber vendors, for the correct management of proactive security and preventive security.

Penetration Test

Penetration test activities are conducted by certified penetration testers in accordance with the OWASP, PTES and OSSTMM international standards.

GRC Management

Security Advisory consulting and operational services to support customers with their remediation plans, management of cyber security, compliance management and risk management.

Cyber Academy

Dedicated training courses on cyber security in the classroom or by webinar. Awareness activities for technical personnel, employees and top managers.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Aims to analyze corporate domain information present at the Dark web and Deep web level. It discovers the presence of Botnets related to the devices of employees, suppliers and customers.

24/7 Cyber Security Operation Center

A dedicated Security Operations Center team, working proactively and reactively on the threats and cyber risks of corporate systems, cloud environments, applications and corporate endpoints. Our team of security analysts monitors data and resources, H24, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Threat Detection & Analysis
Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
Network detection response
Event Correlation / Log Management

Penetration Testing

Swascan’s offensive team is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified
All activities comply with OWASP, PTES and OSSTMM standards.

Cyber Academy

In cyber security, human actions undoubtedly influence situations much more than technology. Our Cyber Academy wide range of training courses structured to respond to different levels of experience and technical specialisation.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Swascan’s Cyber Threat Intelligence service purpose and aim is to identify any information and data available at the at the web, dark web and deep web levels relating to a specific target. The activity involves the collection and analysis of information relating to a series of critical macro areas such as.

Data Breach / Dark Web
IP Reputation
Miscellaneous risks
Early Warning
Technology Monitoring
Domain Threat Intelligence
IOC Detection

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