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Source code: definition and introduction

Source code: what is it? Source code can be called source as well as code and it is the original version of a software. Basically, the way software has been written and typed into the laptop in the first place. That is the reason of its being in plain text. What do we mean when we refer to softwares? Read more »

Satori: the new malware family that affects cryptocurrencies

Satori Satori is the name of a malware family. Maybe you heard the most famous Mirai of which Satori is a variation. It targets smart-tvs, IP-cams, routers,… Basically anything online. Its purpose is to turn these connected items into little and powerful botnet soldiers. Recently, a bunch of Chinese researchers found out that a modified version of Satori Read more »

Data breaches: the top 10 of 2017, which one was the worst?

Data breaches: the top 10 of last year We all know last year has been a struggling period for cybersecurity, just look at the incredible numbers of the ransomware phenomenon ( Petya as an example ). Hackers attacked a lot and a lot of data have been stolen. Attackers stole personal information, passwords,… anything valuable Read more »

Meltdown and Spectre: the new faces of cybersecurity

Meltdown and Spectre It sounds like an IT apocalypse: Meltdown and Spectre. What is happening? Let’s try to see it clear. These vulnerabilities seem to be the a huge matter. It concerns each personal computer and device made in the last ten years. The weak spot is not about a software this time but seems Read more »

Code Review: introduction and explanation

Code Review Let’s begin with a brief introdcution of the subject. In order to find mistakes in a LOC (Line of Code) you need a Code review. Codes are always tricky and full of mistakes. That’s why a great tool to analyse these errors is necessary. Which questions do you need to ask yourself when Read more »

CyberTech Europe 2017: Swascan will attend!

What about us? September is an important month for us. No doubt about that, and this is testified with our attendance to the most important European CyberSecurity conference: CyberTech Europe 2017.  Come to visit us! Swascan will be in the Innovation Pavillon in CyberTech Europe 2017, and present the product to the most important cyber people of the Read more »

UniCredit hack: Swascan explains the situation

UniCredit hack: another challenge We know which is the target. This is fresh news. UniCredit hack represents the newest challenge to face. Immediately after the attack, there is not a lot of information available. What do we know? Attackers should not have any access to data that can move money. They don’t have any password Read more »

Petya, Swascan explains the new CyberSecurity threat.

Petya Petya is the name of the new worldwide threat that hit a lot of organization all across Europe and US. It spread through several large firms. Here we have a few examples: the advertiser WPP, food company Mondelez, legal firm DLA Piper and Danish shipping and transport firm Maersk. This is not the first Read more »

Ransomware attacks causes cyber security stocks to rise

Ransomware The WannaCry hack affected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries last week (not talking about Petya). It has made the cyber security stocks to boom during this week – all for a ransomware!  The attack started on Friday, May 12 and had fully spread by Monday, May 15.  This has spurred companies’ interest in Read more »

Supply Chain – Cybersecurity relation analysis

Supply Chain Defending ourselves from informatics risks is not enough, the real challenge is protecting the whole supply chain The Digital Transformation, alongside the ever-growing use of mobile technologies, cloud services and Internet of Things (IoT), has brought about significant changes in security impacting every business process. This change implied a massive increase in Big Read more »