ICT Security Assessment

ICT Security Assessment: do you really know your Risk level?

ICT Security Assessment  -Today’s Cyber Security landscape requires the utmost attention to a set of internal macro indicators for all organisations. Maybe your organisation has an antivirus software to protect your company’s data? Or maybe you also have firewalls and encryption technology, so you think you can sit back and let the technology protect you

Brochure Cyber Security

Brochure Cyber Security: Swascan – Security Testing & Compliance

Brochure Cyber Security At the following link: Brochure Cyber Security you can download the latest Swascan brochure. In it, you’ll find, in detail, our services: Vulnerability Assessment: The Web App Scan is the automated service that scans for Web Vulnerabilities, this service identifies security vulnerabilities and criticalities of websites and web applications. A Vulnerability analysis is