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Brochure Swascan

Here you can find the flyer with all of our services and features: Cybersercurity Platform Brochure. Vulnerability assessment, Network Scan, Code Review, GDPR Compliance and much more… Swascan is the perfect tool for any corporate need.

Phishing Simulation Attack: how to avoid Phishing attacks

Phishing – The assonance with fishing must not mislead. Phishing is a very sneaky type of attack which is claiming more and more victims in the last period. In the following chapter we are going to show some figures related to the size of the Phishing phenomenon. In the meantime, in order to face this Read more »

CyberSecurity Services: Swascan supports companies

Cybersecurity service: Swascan proposition Security Management has become, over the past few years, an essential aspect to consider for companies. Organizations can not afford to underestimate the impacts of a bad Security Management: loss of reputation, stop of the normal activities of the company, fines,… In this regard, Swascan offers a various range of solutions useful to Read more »

GDPR Compliance: Swascan risk analysis

GDPR Compliance The introduction of the Data Protection regulation caused several changes for companies. These changes are measurable in terms of Technology, Organization, Policy, Staff and Control Systems. Which steps do companies need to follow, which activities do company need to carry out in order to be compliant? It is now available Swascan GDPR Compliance Read more »

GDPR Infographic

Here you can find the most detailed GDPR Infographic available. The perfect tool to have a 360° view of the new data privacy regulation. What becomes necessary for companies? Which are the key areas to support? Who are the players? Everything you need to know is here!

Tutorial: Code Review

Here’s the full tutorial on Code Review

Tutorial: Network Scan

Here’s the full tutorial on Network Scan

Tutorial: Vulnerability Assessment

Here’s the full tutorial on Vulnerability Assessment

Tutorial: VPN Configuration

Here’s the full tutorial on VPN Configuration.