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Network scanning: why is it so important?

No matter how confident you are about your network safety, you can never be completely sure. This is why network scanning is so important. The kind of malicious attacks that are carried out these days are hard to believe. A vulnerable network can cause a big problem to systems and cause a huge loss in terms of business value. Hence, Read more »

Open port checker: the importance of scanning vulnerabilities

Open port checker and port scanner The open port checker allows the user to obtain different pieces of information: the status of a port of an IP address; the status of a port on his own connection (verify is the port is open or not); if the user’s server applications are blocked by a firewall; Read more »

IP tracker: what is it and how can it help you?

What is an IP tracker? Whenever you visit any website, you leave a trace. How? In the form of unique IP address that helps in identifying your system, its location and many other important parameters attached to it. Businesses everywhere is using professional IP tracking tools ( IP tracker ) in order to know their visitors Read more »

Netscan Software: which are the required features?

Netscan importance There’s a famous saying that can picture a network: “we are strong as our weakest link“. Our networks, sometimes have shady perimeters and it is hard to find where our weak spots are. When it comes to system networks and their management, there are several aspects that you need to take care of. If you Read more »

Network Scan: introduction and explanation

Network Scan Let’s begin this article giving a general overview of the scenario. Do you need a tool that can guarantee a good IP protection? Here’s what you need and what we are talking about. That’s what a Network Scan actually is. It is a specific scan that analyses an IP network in order to identify Read more »

Elis Open Italy 2017: Swascan will be there

Swascan and its will to innovate Since the beginning Swascan tried to innovate and grow side by side with its main competence. Our company focused on its core technology to develop something new, something easy to use and understand and something that would keep up with the innovation around. Offering a user friendly cloud-based solution that Read more »

Cybersecurity expense: constant growth

Hackers force companies. Their cybersecurity expense grows constantly. Recent hacks highlighted the weaknesses of cybersecurity measures in many companies. Starting from this, as a lot of recent reviews show, companies started thinking about their own cybersecurity tools. The result is obvious. The amount invested in cybersecurity grows along with their concerns of other attacks (look Read more »

Italian hack: Swascan explains the new Cybersec event

Italian hack To sum the Italian hack up: Too much money wasted from Italian foreign ministry. That’s why we hacked you! Farnesina’s data, from expense ( not CyberSecurity expense ) accounts to consultations, have been targeted by hackers. Who did that? Anonymous Italia on claims the attack. They state: “foreign ministry: you’ve been hacked” Read more »

Cybersecurity: mobile ransomware, a new treath

Mobile ransomware It’s becoming easier and easier to understand cybersecurity’s importance (as you can see from the CyberSecurity expense growth), as two weeks ago WannaCry hack demonstrated. Hacks’ data are alarming and an emblematic example is the Italian hack. Mobile ransomware attacks, just in the first 2017 quarter, increased by 253% according to a recent Kaspersky Lab Read more »

Diversification is one of the Cybersecurity points to face.

Diversification Cybersecurity sector, like most of the tech industry, is facing a great challenge. It is struggling to find competent candidates to fill jobs and to diversify security activities within its own organization. Diversification is a major problem. In addition to other better known problems such as mobile ransomware or Italian hack. Thankfully companies seem Read more »