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Goal: vulnerability analysis

Stack Overflow, the online community with 5 million users which puts developers and insiders together, published the last Developer Survey. The research shows the most important topic trends which will prevail in the online queries throughout 2017. They analysed and considered, in a both qualitative and quantitative way, many topics. The research focused on the developers’ world. They proceeded distinguishing between mobile developers and developers. Analysing the most used language of writing. Delineating the profile type through parameters such as gender, age, experience, education and salary.

What about developers’ discussions, searches, and comments in 2017?
Apps, games, software, websites, web content…these and much more in the ranking of topic trends in 2017, where cyber security confirms its very important role. Moreover it is crucial to SMEs’ world and to the 4.0 Industry, where IT Security Prevention plays a key role. Swascan, the first 100% Made in Italy IT cloud security platform, works in this direction. With a simple click you can access to digital suite to control and test websites’ reliability, web applications, network solidity and applications’ source code quality.

Clearly efficiency and security are essential to support big organizations, SMEs and freelancers for efficient and simple Data Security. Among the various tools provided by Swascan, Code Review should be mentioned. Security code review is the process of auditing the source code for an application to verify that the right security controls are present and work properly. Nonetheless they must be invoked in all the right places. To get this goal, Swascan offers instruments such as Real Time Report Tools. This is an auxiliary tool that allows simplifying risk monitoring activity, offering a complete overview of various security levels.


Cybersecurity: Premio Gaetano Marzotto 2016. Swascan among the finalists
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