Cybersecurity: Premio Gaetano Marzotto 2016. Swascan among the finalists

Swascan reaches the final for the GALA LAB and CISCO Awards

Milan, 4th of October 2016 – Swascan celebrates the beginning of the autumn season with new goals. The business project Swascan, is born from the idea of Raoul Chiesa, IT Security International expert. Subsequently developed by the milanese software house Business Competence and supported by the Venture Incubator Key Capital after the launch in February 2016.

What’s Swascan about?

Swascan is the first all-in-one Cloud Security Platform. It is a brand new tools suite which identifies, analizes, monitors and verifies network’s qualities and vulnerabilities. Moreover there’s a source code review both for web and its applications. In addition the platform provides avant-garde tools and customized subscriptions according to the number of targets such as Web App Scan, Network Scan, Code Review.  This last feature allows tests of source code’s security level of mobile apps (Ios and Android) and web applications. Basically: an all-in-one, with a competitive pricing policy, set of tools.

The award

Definitely the best premises to attend Premio Gaetano Marzotto. This prestigious award, at its 6th edition, recruits new entrepreneurs able to skilfully combine innovation, business and people.
Swascan has become one of the finalists selected by the panel of the Special Awards GALA LAB and CISCO. The event will take place on the 5th of October at Villa Trissino Marzotto in Vicenza. Probably the most important occasion which combines Italian innovation and business. Because of its special features Swascan will surely try to go until the end.

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