Swascan in the CERT-EU Hall of Fame

Another success for the Swascan Cyber Research Team, which adds to the long list of Vulnerability Disclosure and collaborations already successfully completed in less than 12 months: Swascan has been officially included in the CERT-EU Hall of Fame.

Speaking about the recognition – particularly in such a complex moment -, Pierguido Iezzi, Co-Founder of Swascan stressed: “The situation that the country is facing is certainly difficult, but “I stay at home” does not mean that Italy has remained immobile, on the contrary it continues to work. Every Italian excellence is doing its part by showing its value. The pharmaceutical research centers are doing it for the research of a vaccine for the protection of health. Companies are doing it by putting in place in a very short time a concrete Digital Transformation guaranteeing Smart Working to many workers in a very short time. We at Swascan have put our Cyber Security expertise in the field guaranteeing the protection and management of Cyber Risk and Business Continuity”.

The importance of Cyber Security, he continued, cannot ignore the circumstances – however complex they may be – that we are all facing.

“In the world of Cyber we must not let our guard down, especially at a time like this when companies have to ensure business continuity. Corporate cyber security is one of the drivers to ensure the country’s recovery and business continuity. Criminal hackers are unfortunately not in quarantine and if they were, #iorestoacasa for them would not impact on “work”, indeed they would have more time…”.

The process of collaboration with CERT-EU

The process that led to the recognition started with the Swascan research group. This has in fact identified a series of vulnerabilities and critical issues on some domains and Web Applications belonging to the bodies and organizations in Brussels.

These, if exploited by Threat Actors or Criminal Hacker, could have impacted the confidentiality of data and sensitive information, their integrity and availability.

The report is part of CERT-EU’s Vulnerability Disclosure initiative, which encourages European researchers and companies to work together to better defend EU entities.

Once the vulnerabilities have been precisely isolated, through a passive research process based on OSINT and CLOSINT sources from Swascan’s Domain Threat Intelligence service, the Cyber Security Research Team first reconfirmed the results with a further precise manual verification and then notified the European Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-EU).

This Task Force, composed of computer security experts from the main institutions of the European Union (European Commission, General Secretariat of the Council, European Parliament, Committee of the Regions, Economic and Social Committee), once the notification and the necessary details were received, successfully completed the remediation activity.

This recognition adds to a long list of Swascan successes.

The company, based in Milan, Rome and Naples, is already present in the Hall of fame of SAP and Nokia; and is part of Apple’s Security Credits.

In the last 12 months, it has also completed numerous successful Vulnerability Disclosures with the largest companies and multinationals around the world, including: Xfinity, Adobe, Microsoft, Lenovo, Huawei and GoToMeeting.

Swascan works with Xfinity to responsibly remediate security vulnerabilities
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