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Brochure Cyber Security

At the following link: Brochure Cyber Security you can download the latest Swascan brochure.

In it, you’ll find, in detail, our services:

  • Vulnerability Assessment: The Web App Scan is the automated service that scans for Web Vulnerabilities, this service identifies security vulnerabilities and criticalities of websites and web applications. A Vulnerability analysis is necessary to quantify risk levels and to provide the corrective actions needed for the remediation activity.
  • Network Scan: Network Scan is the automated Network Vulnerability Scan service. This tool scans the infrastructure and the devices on it to identify security vulnerabilities and criticalities. The Vulnerability analysis is necessary to quantify risk levels and to provide the corrective actions needed for the remediation activity.
  • Code Review: Code Review is the automated tool for the static analysis of the source code. The Source Code analysis is a process that – trough the source code analysis of applications – verifies the presence and effectiveness of minimum security standards. Code verification is useful to be sure that the target application has been developed in order to “auto-defend” itself in its own environment.
  • Phishing Attack Simulation: A dedicated, cloud-based Phisihing attack simulation platform that identifies the Human Factor risk and raises employee awareness consequently. The service allows you to identify your exposure to corporate phishing attacks and to educate your employees to recognize and identify malicious emails.
  • GDPR Assessment: GDPR Assessment is the Online Tool that allows companies to verify and measure their GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation – EU 2016/679) Compliance level. Swascan’s GDPR assessment tool provides guidelines and suggest corrective actions to implement in terms of Organization, Policy, Staff, Technology and Control Systems.
  • ICT Security  Assessment: The ICT Security Assessment allows companies to verify and measure their cyber risk level and to evaluate the effectiveness of security measures adopted by identifying two macro indicators at Functional and Operational level. The service provides indications and corrective actions to be taken at the Organization, Policy, Personnel, Technology and Control Systems level.
  • Domain Threat Intelligence: The Domain Threat Intelligence has the purpose and objective of identifying any public information available at OSINT and CLOSINT level relating to a given target. The activity of Threat Intelligence gathering is carried out through a process of research, identification and selection of publicly available information relating to the domain of interest
  • Cyber Threat  Intelligence: The Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) focuses primarily on the analysis of “raw” data collected at events – past and present – to monitor, detect and prevent threats to an organization, shifting the focus from reactive defense to preventive and “smart” security measures. Ideally, the CTI should become the basis on which a company builds its secure, alert and resilient defense perimeter. 

Swascan: our Strengths

  • Pricing: A 40% advantage compared to competitors. A dynamic infrastructure that allows cost reduction.
  • Ready to use/Pay for Use/ SaaS: An already configured, fully in Cloud platform. Ready to use, a service model completely in SaaS and Pay for Use. High quality and flexibility for users.
  • Tailor Made Services: Chance to create customized projects depending on users needs: WhiteLabel, platform hosting,…


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